"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Xunzi

Vision Statement

Da Vinci International School offers an innovative approach to learning customized to the children’s needs, abilities, and learning style. We are committed to growing multilingual, culturally diverse, and flexible minded children. Furthermore, we believe in deep collaboration and cross- pollination of our team so we can keep a constant approach in innovation and creativity. Excellence and mastery are our goals in every aspect of our operation; we have the honesty to admit when we are wrong and the courage to change to fulfill our commitment to our students.

Mission Statement

 Da Vinci International School is a community of thoughtful leaders striving to make a contribution to the world by innovating, creating a groundbreaking bilingual curriculum, and integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) to every aspect of the children’s learning process as early as in the 2 years old class.  DVIS is the only school in the area offering the ability to students to become bilingual by Kindergarten. The different languages are taught at a native level. The Da Vinci International School brand is becoming synonymous with inspiring students, making them feel excited about what they know, and enticing them to thrive in a STEAM learning environment.

Honoring the Childhood Experience

Da Vinci International School values the integrity of childhood, recognizing that children need the time to be children, so they can grow into well rounded adults. DVIS strives to ensure individual needs of children are met and each and every unique gift and talent is developed.

Creating a Caring, Educational Community

Da Vinci International School values the support and involvement of children, parents and guardians, staff, interested friends, and our Board of Advisors. Creating school-initiated family and community partnerships enhances the growth and development of our school culture. Da Vinci International School realizes the challenges with evolving family life and works alongside to improve the educational experience for each child. Similarly, DVIS works to provide support for the individual needs of families. 

Providing a Quality Work Environment

Da Vinci International School values its diverse staff and their experiences and knowledge in the field of education. We strive to offer bonuses, training, professional development, and benefits.