Here at Da Vinci International School, we recognize that summer camp should be the quintessential experience of childhood. Your kids will love what we have in store for them this summer and you will love how we keep your kids engaged in the learning process through fun exploration!

  • All our Summer programming is Language Immersive (Spanish and/or French with instruction in English when necessary)

  • Campers will be grouped by age and language while being engaged at an appropriate skill level for their age group.

  • Campers will spend ample time outside in nature at the playground and Blue Heron Nature Preserve forest and also will have special outdoor water activities each day that weather permits.

  • Campers will be engaged in fun play-learning activities when not engaged in the theme activity.

  • Campers will have daily portion in dance, yoga, pilates and creative movement activities by professional movement artists.

Our young campers will be fully engaged with lots of fun and educational S.T.E.A.M. based activities, arts & crafts around special weekly camp themes. Join us for an adventure that gives campers the opportunity to explore unforgettable positive life experiences, through new friendships at a very specially designed summer camp.


During the “Under The Sea” theme; our campers will be exploring the theme of sea&ocean within depth in details with lots of sensory and STEAM based activities. Each age group will have age level appropriate curriculum throughout the week.


Our Campers will be encouraged and trained to explore the practical and creative thinking skills and methods through STEAM based activities. At the end of the week, camper will have created a unique personalized work of art or structure build/made by themselves. Please plan on at least one wet-n-fun day, water expected!


This camp week is all about “messy play days” while learning lots of skills during a school day.  When the weather is gorgeous, it’s such fun to spend almost an entire day outside playing, exploring, experimenting and learning.  Playing around lots of mesmerizing colors and splashed around with sand and water in the nature through STEAM based thinker & maker age appropriate activities. Splat painting is a fun way to add scientific exploration into the art fun.


DVIS campers will be exploring their cooking and baking skills through international cuisine. Age appropriate activities will be implemented throughout the week and they will get to taste many delicious foods that they create and learn how to become their own chefs. Each age group will have their own curriculum on their age level. Elementary school students will also learn science concepts through cooking activities.


Its ‘shore’ gonna be fun! Our camp week will be filled with tons of fun and educational age appropriate projects that let your child experience the fun of a week at the beach in our own backyard and classrooms! Kids will play beach volleyball, make sandcastles and construct a miniature beach, explore wild life around the beach through STEAM activities. Help your child feel the sand beneath his/her toes and the sun in his/her hair with these beach-inspired sensory activities. This camp will include lots of scientific explorations as well. Expect them to have water actives through the week and pack their swim wear as well.


Campers will do lots of sensory and STEAM based age appropriate activities, explorations and experiments throughout the week. There will be lots of outdoor time in the nature, to develop leadership skills so that you are not just prepared for your wilderness adventure, but for all of life’s adventures. Expect them to have water actives through the week and pack their swim wear as well.


Campers will be focused on multiple realms of science experiments through STEAM based age appropriate activities. Each age group will have their own curriculum on their age level. It will be fun learning experience both activities inside and outside. Campers will be challenged, inspired and motivated to think, ask questions, find answers and explore like a scientist!


Campers will learn about the solar system through giant solar system scenes and special activities they will create and also planet books. They will get to pretend to be an astronaut by decorating their own rocket ship and craft their own stars and planets necklaces and colorful sand art. They will also get to do an outdoor activity which includes flying space shuttle gliders. It will be a fun and learning experience. Campers will also work on the Wilderness theme/concept by exploring the nature and outdoors. They will build their own tents and explore what mother nature has to teach our young campers.


During this week, campers will discover and explore new cultures by the idea of “traveling around the world!” Every day, campers will create their own passports and will “visit” a new country and continent, experience the colors, crafts, food, smells, dance, music and sounds of faraway lands. Activities reflecting each culture include arts and crafts, music, stories, indoor and outdoor activities, and games. 

Our campers will be covering many programming concepts such as algorithms, loops, functions, and many more, kids also engage in other activities such as Scratch gaming, building and racing robots, friendly competitions, and Multiple Animator Projects. The goal of this camp is to introduce and develop computational thinking while emphasizing on: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Persistence and Problem Solving.


Campers will enjoy the fun, challenge and pride of creating new structures with Legos. The week will have the focus on the engineering, design, architecture, process, building, team work, problem solving and creativity. They will also have outdoor activities in the nature.

This camp will be led by experienced and professionally trained performing artists and teachers. Dance, Music, Drama, Costume Design will be focus theme and activities as well as daily nature and outdoor time.

CIRCUS ARTS Sessions: $70/week (Additional fee) In Flight Gymnastics & Circus will be teaching age appropriate basic circus art skills like trapeze, aerial, juggling, balance and more. In Flight provides education, training, guidance, and assistance through athletics and movement focusing on both physical and mental well-being that will improve health, boost confidence, and bolster self-esteem. In Flight coaches are compassionate, authentic and caring toward each and every child


  • $50 off for 1 month (4 weeks +) enrollment.

  • $150 off for full Summer Camp enrollment.

  • 5% off sibling discount starting with the second child.

Email completed form to (or mail to 4055 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342)