The bilingual education program at Da Vinci International School exposes children daily to hands on science and math, stimulating art and music and physical education using the outdoor classroom concept in a full immersion, bilingual environment French/English, or Spanish/English. The goal is to develop bilingual, flexible minded children, and foster creative thinking character development.


75% of the world’s population is bilingual. We will use techniques such interactive songs and music, games, total immersion and stories to assist the little ones with Spanish, French, and English language development. The goal is developing bilingual children able to speak, read, understand, and think in both languages equally by Kindergarten. It is very crucial that the children are formally introduced to English by 4 years old as they start reading by this age and they need to have the same prerequisites as their peers. A school has the obligation of giving the children the opportunity to be competitive and successful in any other school of their choice, in any other state or country, and at any level.

Outdoor classroom

Scientific research shows the degree of the positive impact that sophisticated outdoor play activity has on children's development, including their health, self-concept, and future school success. Today, very young children are increasingly pressured to perform academically while they get much less time for outdoor play, spend more time sitting in front of TVs and computers, and eat an ever-worsening diet. It is not surprising that the incidence of childhood obesity and diabetes has become epidemic and that millions of children nationwide are medicated daily to modify their behavior. More than any time before, children needs the benefits of outdoor activity.  The philosophy of the Outdoor Classroom is that all children need and benefit from more time outdoors. This benefit affects development and learning. It is critical for physical health. Nearly every activity that can be done indoors can be done outdoors. Some activities can only occur outdoors. Other activities occur best outdoors. For children ages 0 to 5, development and learning outdoors is often easier and more beneficial than it is indoors. Full development and integration of outdoor and indoor programs creates the optimal learning and growing environment for young children.

Math and Science

Mathematics and science learning should be integrated with each other and with other content domains. They should be treated as essential components of a comprehensive, high-quality preschool program, not as extras. Children will exercise their natural curiosity to explore their physical world. They will be encouraged to reason mathematically, and scientifically, to explore concepts in these domains, and to explain their thinking as they do so.


At Da Vinci International School, we put a great emphasis in the arts. Not only will your children be free to produce their own works using a multitude of mediums, but they will learn planning, preparation, and the process of creating art.  Arts are beneficial to students for a multitude of reason. Some of this include, but are not limited to: 

  • Reinforcing learned vocabulary
  • Promoting creativity and thinking with an open mind
  • Critical-thinking and problem solving skills
  • Observation and spatial awareness
  • Teaches students to express their feelings, with or without words.
  • Exposes the child to various art making techniques and different media forms
  • Exposes the child to famous artists and their many masterpieces.
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Build confidence because there is not just one right way to make art. Every child can feel proud  in his or her original creation


Musicians seek meaning, pattern, and beauty in the world of sound.

  • 2 years old enjoy movement’s games, singing, and finger play. They like making loud and soft sounds.
  • 3 years old delight in using rhythm with different instruments and explore the sound they make. They love songs with action, call and respond songs, musical games involving jumping, walking, dancing…
  • 4 year old love silly songs. They will march, dance, sing, and act out songs. They can play most rhythm instruments
  • Pre-reading activities lead to reading… Musical games lead to playing an instrument...