Bi-lingual After-School Program

We offer an enriching and exciting bilingual After-School program.  There are 2 sessions per year.  We open our after-school program to learners in home-school programs as a way of engaging with project-based learning in either Spanish or French.  English programs are also offered.  We require a minimum of 6 students per course in order to offer a class.  Older siblings and friends from all schools are welcome to join in the fun. After School is designed for grades K - 5th.  Collaboration between different age learners is encouraged. 



The FALL Semester starts on September 1st and ends on December 16th, 2016.

The SPRING Semester starts on January 4 and ends on May 31st, 2017.


(January 4 to May 31, 2017)


YOGA AND EARTH WORKS (French) on Tuesdays

LES PETITS CHEFS (French) on Wednesdays

BRAIN BREAKS/CHESS CLUB (Spanish) on Thursdays

THEATRE (English) on Fridays


Makers Meet Mixed Media Art, with Maria Londoño (Mondays):

This is a self-directed collaborative art class using the methodology of the Maker Movement, where learners will have the opportunity to explore different materials and techniques in order to encourage creativity and experimentation.

Yoga and Earth Works, with Marie Neel (Tuesdays):

We will be introducing your children to yoga and meditation. Starting at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future. We will also work on a Reggio inspired project to give back to our mother nature. The project will be revealed at the end of our session. 

Les Petits Chefs, with Thao Tran (Wednesdays):

Our cooking program is designed to introduce youngsters to basic culinary skills, pairing creative cooking with lessons in kitchen safety and etiquette. We will explore where our food comes from and how to cook international meals. Are you ready to whisk, stir, and bake? Join our cooking classes!

Brain Breaks/Chess Club, with Carolina Blanco (Thursdays):

Do your children like to play chess? Would you like to encourage them to learn this “Smart Sport” that improves their concentration, creativity, and abstract skills? Our Chess Club is just right for you! This program is based in lessons, tournaments with different sizes and colors of chess sets, coloring and drawing activities, chess notation, fun and entertainment for children with technology and, at the end of the period, each student will receive a trophy award. This program will be taught by Carolina Blanco, the top female chess player in Georgia, the member of the Olympic Chess team, 3-time Pan-American champion, and International Chess Master.

Theater, with Kalani Fraser (Fridays):

Our young future artists will devise their own script, design and construct their own costumes and props, and practice voice and movement skills that will all culminate in a production at the end of the semester.

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